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Missoula’s Best Bands You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of Part II: Deer Sister Killdeer

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Deer Sister Killdeer may look like another quiet folky Americana band on the outside. “Oh, another girl playing the violin with some acoustic guitar accompaniment and light percussion. I’ve seen this every other night at the Top Hat,” you’ll think to yourself.

Then they start pounding your living room floor with their feet and shaking loose the support beams of your house.

Their haunting voices rise in unison to grab you by the face and make you listen. If they stopped there, that would be a worthwhile experience. But then, the one you thought played drums stands up and grab’s a guitar and begins to play a frantic Chuck Berry riff while screaming like Black Francis at you. Deer Sister Killdeer is a cathartic dirge for the long dark night of the soul.

Guilty Parties:

Colin Post: Guitar/Drums/Vocals

B.J. Soloy: Guitar/Drums/Vocals

Julie Rouse: Violin/Guitar/Vocals

Origins of the band:

B.J.: Basically, Julie and I got married. And then she started picking up the fiddle and I had played in a number of old-timey bands before. So we started playing old-timey things. We played a show and knew Collin outside of music, and he was like, "We should play sometime" and so when he came in we kinda slowly and steadily became—

Collin: A Bruce Springsteen cover band?

B.J.: Yeah, we switched from old timey to all Bruce, all the time.


Origins of the Name:

B.J. Well, we’re both, (B.J. and Julie), bird dorks, and the killdeer is a bird that is uh, pretty fascinating because its whole thing is to ward off predators attacking its babies. It fakes an injury. It takes its wing and acts hurt, like it’s limping, and then predators will chase it. It seems like something totally maudlin and depressing … like the way that old songs are totally maudlin and depressing.

Julie: And we’re all poets.

Collin: So we’re into weird shit.

Desert Island Music Picks:

Collin: Born in the U.S.A.

B.J.: Any record made out of something… edible and long lasting. I don’t know if there is like a beef jerky collection of Prince’s Greatest Hits, but I’d go for the beef jerky version.

Julie: I don’t know. I think it would be something bizarre and atonal and 190 minutes long, so that I could keep getting new things from it.

Favorite Pizza Toppings:

Collin: Sun-dried tomatoes.

Julie: Basil and garlic.

B.J.: There is a place in Des Moines that had the weirdest shit. They had a baked potato and Dorito pizza that was surprisingly good. Something there.

Beer Sponsor:

Collin: Only Budweiser obviously.

Julie: (laughs)

Collin: We all love Bud-Lite.

B.J.: Yeah, we’re big Bud-Lite fans. And we hear they’re loaded so if they’re reading or hearing this, uh… We’re available.

Collin: To revise the question about why we started the band, we started to get a Budweiser sponsorship.

B.J.: I’ll drink to that.

Favorite cult leader:

Julie: I’m going to go with God. He might be my favorite cult leader.

B.J. He’s so elastic. Yeah. Yeah. I think God because first of all I think choosing God as our cult leader will further our Bud sponsorship.

Collin: Maybe J.C. But they are the same.

B.J. Well, not the same, but the same.

Collin: Yeah, it’s like a three pack. The father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Like a Bud-Lite variety pack.

B.J. Like Bud-Lite, Bud lime, bud ice. They’re the same but different.

Most bizarre show experience:

B.J.: As a band it may be that first time we played. I got to catch someone. In, like, mid-chord I was playing, and someone tripped over something kind of drunkenly and I got to catch them and release them like a glorious trout, back into the audience and not really miss a note.

Collin: I think there was that time we were playing at the Lab, and there was like a dead body somewhere.

B.J.: Something was dead

Julie: Oh yeah. The stench.

Collin: We were playing outside and there was this overpowering stench of death.

Julie: That was odd.

B.J.: And it was reflective you know. That time we had a lot more dirge sounding, I don’t know. A contemplative respect in our tone that night.


Collin: Playing through next week.

Julie: Yeah, that’s about right.

Collin: Well, we’re recording our record in the next couple weeks.

B.J.: I think we’re excited to just play. I mean the shows are where like it or not, stuff kinda gets defined.

Julie: And groupies. We need groupies.

B.J: Well, like any capitalistic, beer-sponsored enterprise, we want to expand. And once we start raking in the beer money from the really just indescribable beer that the Budweiser family has to offer then we’ll have to get a harp, and a pedal steel, and three or four tubas for no reason in particular. And then we’ll have to get someone to carry it for us from our car to the stage.

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