The Whizpops 

The Adventures of Stretch McCoy

Even the most patient parent can only handle so much children's music. The Wiggles should be played to punish terror suspects. All that repetition from Dora will melt grownup brain cells faster than meth. The only way for elders to survive this genre is to cling to the stuff that could pass as good music, regardless of whether the lyrics cover eating one's vegetables or not.

The Whizpops, a local band previously known as The Unknowns, thankfully leap over this bar with great humor, intelligence and, above all, excellent musicianship. The Adventures of Stretch McCoy is unabashedly geared toward the preschool and elementary school crowd, but there's still plenty for parents to enjoy.

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"Dinner Time (I'm Not Hungry Again)" made me laugh out loud as a kid rebels against getting called inside to eat and imagines his food coming to life. His lettuce has a head, the corn ears and the potato eyes. "The Owl Song" and "The Bat Song" manage to mix educational content with catchy Americana melodies; the latter cleverly breaks into the "Batman" theme with a series of "bat facts."

While most of the album sticks to a folk sound, "Forest Communities" reaches toward jam band territory. It's a welcome changeup that does for trees what Phish's "Cavern" did for shoes, and will take adults of a certain age back to a time when they danced with the same merry abandon as their kids will while listening to The Whizpops.

The Whizpops plays a CD-release show Friday, Feb. 24, at 6 PM, at The Top Hat. The Scribblers open. Free.

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