Mel Gibson and The Pants 

Sea vs. Shining Sea

Mashing together several contrasting genres of music oftentimes yields mixed results. It either works and the artist has created a hybrid sound all their own, or it fails and comes across as a cacophonous mess. The latest from this Minneapolis sextet overcomes any potential pitfalls—Sea vs. Shining Sea succeeds as an inventive descent into indie rock, post-rock, hip-hop lyricism and electronic experimentation.

Opener “Where It Hurts” pairs an organic drum ’n’ bass beat and a meaty bassline with jangling guitar and what sounds like 8-bit synth-melodies. Meanwhile, rapper Harold Sanders spits a fast set of verbose rhymes aimed at questioning American materialism and the status quo, among other topics. Further along, songs like “Stress Fracture” and “Don’t Stop Drop and Roll” skillfully mix politically insightful lyrics with elaborately funky instrumentation. This CD also features a number of guest rappers, including members of Minneapolis’ Doomtree collective, further solidifying this as both lyrically and musically diverse.

Sea vs. Shining Sea proves that a marriage between numerous genres can in fact create lasting results. (Ira Sather-Olson)

Mel Gibson and The Pants play The Palace Monday, Nov. 26, at 9 PM with Digitata and Sims. $3.
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