Dead Inside

If you want to hear a guy with emphysema scream at you over a techno backdrop, then bring your cranky grandpa to a rave and call Eisenhower a girly man. What you’ll hear will be, at the very least, more original than this album.

Ikonoklast hoists the industrial banner high on their limited edition EP, Dead Inside, with an all-too-familiar sound that echoes material vastly covered by others before them. The first half screams Nine Inch Nails—that is, if Trent Reznor turned into Gollum—while the rest seems almost like a carbon copy of Velvet Acid Christ.

In fact, the title track lets you know exactly what you’re in for with its introductory sample taken from—oh snap!—Interview with the Vampire, where Brad Pitt moans “The release from the pain of living,” like a Ministry fan at a pool party. Vocalist Jonah “Werm” Foree then proceeds to scream his head off for the rest of the song, sticking to a standard deep growl.

The next few tracks mainly consist of background techno beats, which aren’t that interesting either. The only song capable of standing out is a slightly creepy techno farce called “Cowboy Up,” well-stocked with sarcastic “yee-haws.”

Ikonoklast plays The Other Side Friday, July 18, at 9:30 PM with Separation of Self and Walking Corpse Syndrome. $7.
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