Running dry, or sweet, at Western Cider Co.

Running dry, or sweet, at Western Cider Co.

Where you're at: The owners at Missoula's new cidery seem a little dazed right now.

(Happiest Hour)  

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Jane Goodale Milkshake IPA

What you're drinking: Is it beer?

(Happiest Hour)   Apr 20, 2017

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Shine Potions

What you're drinking: Bottled beverages created by the Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, which is run by triplet sisters in the hippie mecca of Boulder, Colorado.

(Happiest Hour)   Apr 13, 2017

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KettleHouse taps a new pale ale for dreamers

What you're drinking: Late last month, KettleHouse tapped its latest summertime brew, this one tantalizingly dubbed Dreamer Fest.

(Happiest Hour)   Apr 6, 2017

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It's Brazil on Broadway at Imagine Nation Brewing

Olá: Celebrate the warmth and energy of Brazilian culture with Imagine Nation's inaugural rendition of the festival Carnaval.

(Happiest Hour)   Mar 30, 2017

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All about the gin: Have a River Run at the Montana Distillery

What you're drinking: The River Run is one of the Montana Distillery's most popular drinks.

(Happiest Hour)   Mar 23, 2017

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Rev. Nat's Hard Cider

What is it?

(Happiest Hour)   Mar 16, 2017

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Brewers who play together...

The backstory: The crews at Draught Works and Philipsburg Brewing have grown pretty darn cozy over the years.

(Happiest Hour)   Mar 9, 2017

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Getting canned at Western Cider

What you're drinking: Poor Farmer Classic cider or Poor Farmer Hopped, the two varieties recently released in cans.

(Happiest Hour)   Mar 2, 2017

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Served up cold: The 7th annual Winter Brewfest returns to Caras Park

What you're doing: Once a year, people in Missoula try to prove their love for beer by drinking it outside in the dead of winter.

(Happiest Hour)   Feb 23, 2017

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Looking for Grandpa's Ruin? Check the easy chair—or go to Montgomery Distillery.

What you're drinking: All right, hop up on this stool here, sonny.

(Happiest Hour)   Feb 16, 2017

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Coffee and beer: two great tastes that brew great together

What you're drinking: There's a fuzzy line at the end of any given work day where you find yourself asking the question: Do I continue drinking coffee, or do I switch to beer?

(Happiest Hour)   Feb 9, 2017

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Grab a drink from the Cloven Hoof

What's on sale: Freshly butchered local pork and lamb, plus the occasional beef and/or goat.

(Happiest Hour)   Feb 2, 2017

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Happiest Hour: Meet at Katie O'Keefe's? You bet.

Where you're drinking: There's not a lot in this world more satisfying than watching a friend throw caution to the wind and risk a dance with Lady Luck for the very first time.

(Happiest Hour)   Jan 26, 2017

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Bayern Brewery does the "Inconceivable"

What they did: Better get this out of the way before the beer geeks hyperventilate: No, Bayern didn't violate the Reinheitsgebot.

(Happiest Hour)   Jan 19, 2017

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Wintry mixology at the Silver Dollar

What you're drinking: What, you want a menu?

(Happiest Hour)   Jan 12, 2017

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Shreddy Day: an IPA to chase the cold away

The backstory: Before the mercury took that first steep dive last month, Draught Works head brewer Kyle Sillars was already anticipating a chilly winter.

(Happiest Hour)   Jan 5, 2017

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Missoula Winery introduces a new William Weaver Wines line

What it is: A collection of six wines created at the Missoula Winery: merlot, malbec, red, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio and chardonnay.

(Happiest Hour)   Dec 29, 2016

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Have a jog and a drink with Run Wild Missoula

What it is: Run Wild Missoula, the local nonprofit promoting all kinds of running and walking, hosts "beer runs" on the last Wednesday of every month.

(Happiest Hour)   Dec 22, 2016

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Fresh Bongwater in cans: The wait is over

The rollout: Snoop Dogg would have to admit, the timing was good good.

(Happiest Hour)   Dec 15, 2016

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Bayern brews a Bad Santa eisbock

What you're drinking: A 13.5 percent dark lager to take away the winter chill and foster a festive spirit.

(Happiest Hour)   Dec 8, 2016

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Happiest Hour

Mighty Mo Oak Smoker Scotch Ale

What you’re drinking: Mighty Mo Brew Co.’s Smoke Jumper scotch ale has been on the Great Falls brewery’s menu since it first opened in December 2013.

Dec 1, 2016

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Happiest Hour: Great Burn and Stone Brewing make a Terrible Rye IPA

The drink: An aggressive Rye IPA, born from a collaboration between Great Burn and San Diego’s renowned Stone Brewing, made from Chinook, Simcoe, Cascade and Citra hops.

(Happiest Hour)   Nov 22, 2016

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Happiest Hour: Montgomery Distillery's American Single Malt Whiskey

The party: Rejoice, Missoula, for the day has finally come.

(Happiest Hour)   Nov 17, 2016

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Happiest Hour: BetterRoot Cider

What you’re drinking: One of the sweet, tangy ciders at the area’s newest cidery, BetterRoot.

(Happiest Hour)   Nov 3, 2016

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Happiest Hour: A Ghoul-Aid Concoction

What you’re drinking: An improvised cocktail by Plonk bartender Eric Simmons that incorporates a spooky kids' drink.

(Happiest Hour)   Oct 26, 2016

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