Happiest Hour: Shots at the Union Club 

It's Friday and the Indy staff is down at the Union Club having a meeting. During a lull, we test out the storied establishment's most popular shots. With the help of Bartender Robin we find a way to make work fun and get a good start to our weekend. Happy St. Patrick's weekend everyone!


Duck Fart: Kahlua, Bailey's Irish cream and whiskey. This is not a shot named with polite sensibilities in mind. Our smart, organized and fun publisher Lynne Foland doesn't care. She takes the lead and throws back this frothy-looking shot. Her report: It is overwhelming with Bailey's, so if you're a fan of the cream you'll like this one.

Red-Headed Slut: Peach schnapps, cranberry and Jagermeister. Our beloved photographer Chad Harder might have picked this one because it looks like a Double Haul beer. Truth is, he was expecting it to be overly sweet. Not so, apparently. The Red Headed Slut is dangerously mild with just a hint of fruitiness. Do we have a convert?

Fireball Whiskey: This cinnamon-flavored whiskey is all the rage these days. It's a little like Hot Damn or Goldschlager, but perhaps not as syrupy. Our calendar editor Jason McMackin, aka The Calemander, says in typical big-voiced, WWF fashion: "If you haven't tried Fireball Whiskey yet, I have nothing to say to you." On Thursdays, Fireball Whiskey shots at the Union Club are just $2.

Apple Jax: The Union Club just recently made this an official shot—as in, just today. The combination of Fireball Whiskey, Apple Pucker and cranberry juice makes it taste a little like Apple Jacks cereal or a hard cider. One guy sitting at the bar tries it out and it seems to blow his mind. Our editor, Robert Meyerowitz, takes a shot, too. He says it looks like an Amber beer and tastes a little like medicine, which is apparently a good thing. "Wow. Weird," he says. "It's actually really good. I would drink 5 or 6 of these." Uh oh.

Crown Royal: This is a pretty no-frills shot, the kind a journalist needs when she's deep into a scandalous story the night before deadline. Or something like that. Crown Royal and Jameson shots alternate as shot specials on Friday and Saturday nights at the Union Club for $2.75.

Other shot specials: On Sundays you can get $1 shots and pool. Not into shots. Oh, okay. You can always get $2.25 domestic bottles and cans or well drinks Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Salud!

How to find it: The Union Club is located at 208 E. Main St. in downtown Missoula.

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