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Re: “The door knockers

"All the people that were not of our sort left. All the righteous ones that want everlasting life stay."

Debbie; you ought to check out what bifurcation of the mind is. The last time I checked you've got pedophiles wandering around in the Kingdom Halls too. If someone refuses to bring their children to the Kingdom Hall to avoid the pedophiles, are they unrighteous? Also, if a person serves God for what they can get, as you just admitted is JWs' reason for staying, wouldn't that be a fulfillment of Satan's accusation against Job - serving God for what you can get? Now compound that with the fact you are in actuality serving men who hide their identities you only know as "slave." How do you think God feels about that?

"Take heed, not any one you may deceive. Many for shall come in the name of me, saying: I am the Anointed; and many they shall deceive. " (Mt 24:4-5) . . . "Not therefore go you after them" (Lu 21:8). (Emphatic Diaglott).

"We hate what God hates and love what God loves" (Debbie and thousands of other JW parrots).

"Does that include smashing babies on rocks?

(Psalm 137:9) ". . .Happy will he be that grabs ahold and does dash to pieces Your children against the crag."

You really ought to do something about those thoughtless, kneejerk responses to anything you choose to suppress from your mind. In reality, there are righteous ones who no longer wish to serve Watchtower men, and there are cases of pedophilia being handled in secret where the pedophiles escape prosecution from law enforcement and remain in "good standing" because the small child raped could not furnish a second witness to the crime. So, it does not matter if a person loves God or not. If the pedophiles pretend they love God, Watchtower puppets embrace them. Things are kept secret in the secret elders meetings that nobody named "Debbie" is allowed to attend. Am I right? Are you allowed to attend an elder meeting, or a judicial committee meeting of which you are not an active part? Well, there you have it; you really do not know what goes on behind those closed doors; so, it may be best you stop pretending that you do.

JWs must be told not to molest their children, and not for the reasons you may think:

"Did you know, for example, that mothers and fathers who stroke the genitals of their fretful babies to keep them quiet are unwittingly encouraging them to become masturbators later on?" (Watchtower, Sept 15, 1973, p. 568, par. 6)

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Posted by Craig Perry Mason Stevens on 06/01/2013 at 8:06 AM

Re: “The door knockers

I once gave a 5-minute talk in my hall where I got "counseled" afterward for "scaring the brothers and sisters." The elders were reluctant to assign me anymore talks after that. I'm sorry if they do not believe Christ and his angels are going to appear to humans as aliens. They need to get over that. =)
You can watch it here:

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Posted by Craig Perry Mason Stevens on 05/31/2013 at 5:00 PM

Re: “The door knockers

I have a very private, very candid ex-JW friend who told me the day she got reinstated from her disfellowshipment she was taken in a back room by three elders with nobody else, and she was asked many questions, including if she had been tested for STDs since being disfellowshipped, or if they would have to take extra precautions sanitizing the ladies' room - and they were not kidding.

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Posted by Craig Perry Mason Stevens on 05/31/2013 at 4:49 PM

Re: “The door knockers

Jehovah's Witnesses and "Newly Interested Ones" =)

Brackets [] are mine:
Notice Watchtower's own Emphatic Diaglott, and how it curiously reads:

"Then if any to you should say: Lo, here the Anointed, or here [or 'invisibly']; not you believe. Shall be raised for false anointed ones [or false 'anointed class'] and false prophets [1925, 1975], and shall give signs [1919; when so-called 'anointed' were allegedly placed in charge of Christ's 'kingdom interests'] great and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible even the chosen" (Benjamin Wilson, 1865, Emphatic Diaglott, Matthew 24:23-24).

To anyone who does not understand, JWs are programmed to take orders from some secret group of men who claim they are the "anointed class," or simply, "anointed."

"Anointed" and "Christ" both mean the same thing in the Biblical Greek text from where the word is derived. Reread the quote above and insert the word "Christ." That's how most other versions read today; however, the fact remains the word "anointed" and the word "Christ" come from the Greek word Khristos; so, what JWs are unknowingly doing is following false Christs (false anointeds) in the name of and against the commands of the Biblical Christ they allege to follow - and they dogmaticaly believe it in a quite narrow-minded way, because of a few manipulations and bogus interpretations of other scriptures they have been programmed to think apply to that band of nutjobs, such as Matthew 24:45-47; the "slave" fable. If they were told this crap the day they first became interested in it, they would've run like hell away from these people. This sort of indoctrination is fed gradually, and then slowly becomes part of their mechanism.

I have to hand it to the lawyers running this outfit; they sure know how to use logical fallacies to their advantage, and interestingly, deny their puppets due process rights afforded to all other Americans. Do you think that's a coincidence?

JWs who read this and escape can thank me on Facebook some day. =)

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Posted by Craig Perry Mason Stevens on 05/31/2013 at 4:34 PM

Re: “The door knockers

Ah good; now that I got at least six dubs' attention and hopefully some "newly interested ones," it's time to start masturbating minds: =)


Notice these choice quotes they are repetitiously reminded to read over and over, time and time again:

"Be sure to arrive early so that you can greet new ones who are attending for the first time" (Kingdom Ministry [KM], 2/94, p. 1). "Attendants at Memorial should be alert to greet new ones and infrequent attenders" (KM, 7/92). "Planning to be at the meeting early to greet new ones and others who do not attend meetings regularly may be just what is needed to prompt their further advancement" (KM, 3/87, p. 1). "Can we do more to greet new ones and make them feel welcome?" (KM, 5/81, p. 7).

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Posted by Craig Perry Mason Stevens on 05/31/2013 at 4:18 PM

Re: “The door knockers

Ken Perry;

Why don't you say what you REALLY feel? Forget about how warm your heart is from seeing like-minded people suffering three days along with you. Why don't you tell the audience how you cheer and clap like hell after the last song on day three is sang because you can't wait to get the hell out of that dank assembly hall and eat some real food other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Why don't you tell how your main thrill in life is to be an elder and have the secret flock book and how you hope like hell it isn't taken from you? Why don't you mention how you love secret meetings with other men, and how you feel empowered by this?

Why don't you tell the audience how a woman's word is second to the word of an elder, because he's "appointed by God," even though the last time I checked God isn't a small group of equally mindless men who take orders from the "branch"?

Why don't you tell the audience about the "vow of poverty" Bethelites and missionaries sign that states they will surrender any and all monetary income in excess of cost-of-living expenses to the Watchtower Society?

How about naming one of the authors of the propaganda you heartwarmingly peddle? Oops. I forgot. You can't do that Ken. I guess your heart is really warmed over now that you think you're being persecuted. Well, maybe I need to give you another "timely reminder":

"It is not religious persecution for an informed person to expose publicly a certain religion as being false" (Nov. 15, 1963, Watchtower Magazine, p. 688, par. 3) . . .

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Posted by Craig Perry Mason Stevens on 05/31/2013 at 11:26 AM

Re: “The door knockers

"Thank you for an unprejudiced report on our conventions. We are proud of our God and of our fellow Christians and seeing them on display is heartwarming"(Ken Perry).


Can you say "one-sided report"? It only warms the heart if you are a Watchtower puppet. Everyone else sees it for what it is - a mind controlling cult where the heart gets warmer the closer to the top of the pyramid you get.

Ken must be a holder of the all empowering secret flock book - the Harry Potter Secret Decoder Ring of the Watchtower. If you have the book you have the right to sit in a secret meeting with other loons gossiping about the other members without them there to defend themselves. If one is disliked more than the rest, he or she can have a secret star chamber hearing like Christ was given in front of Pilate, except you get to sit with three elders and have nobody there to detect fallacies in argument the way lawyers are trained to do. and, if the conditions are right, you can be kicked out without anyone else in there knowing why. Sounds like a heartwarming bunch Ken.

Seeing them "on display" is actually quite interesting when you consider the words of Jesus:

"Take heed, not any one you may deceive. Many for shall come in the name of me, saying: I am the Anointed; and many they shall deceive. " (Mt 24:4-5) . . . "Not therefore go you after them" (Lu 21:8). (Emphatic Diaglott).

Once again, quite interesting.

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Posted by Craig Perry Mason Stevens on 05/31/2013 at 11:16 AM

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