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Re: “Why affirmative consent matters

Sorry Dan what is weird is your sissy limp solution to a violent crime. In the event of any rape, it is a violent crime committed by a sick demented mind. To fight back is always the best move, yell for help, grab a weapon to stop the pervert, bite, scratch, poke his eyes back into his brain, and don't stop the beating until he is immobile. The trash talked about in this article is pure horse crap. You don't allow someone to take your liberties then months or years later claim rape. Teach these young girls to fight but better yet advise them to watch where they go and whom they are with.

I don't have any idea how many young boys the pervert that I fought off had raped. Maybe I caused him to rethink his ways and quite possibly my actions saved other young boys to not be his next victim. Man up Dan! Be the free thinking man that God meant you to be.

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Posted by Mr. Logic on 01/23/2015 at 2:09 PM

Re: “Why affirmative consent matters

Well Dan nice to see you on the comment side instead of the editorial side for a change. Dan, rape has happened since the beginning of mankind. It is a disgrace what happens when the court destroys a woman who has been raped. That is what the legal profession calls defense!
Any lawyer that would knowingly defend a rapist is no better than his client. The entire court system and law enforcement system is for sale as we saw in the Grizz rape fiasco a while back.

The real issue of this disaster is the public school intruding where it does not belong. Children at age 5 don't need to be taught about deviant alternative life styles. Children at age 12 don't need to be told about sex from the public school. These are issues that belong to the family and church. The government is not the "baby daddy!" All the public schools have done this last 30 years is graduate a bunch of illiterates who think that homosexuality, premarital sex, and abortion as birth control are just fine. So what are we to expect from this generation? There is no moral compass, no absolutes, and the cheapening of the value of ones life and liberty.

Do you not see that this is the intended consequence when parents are taken out of the equation and they ignorantly allow others to teach and raise their children. We did not even consider putting our children in a public school 30 years ago. Back then we considered it casting our pearls before swine. Today the public school with it's emphasis on social engineering and political correctness spends precious little time teaching these kids the basics to have a marketable skill as adults.

Ignorant people like yourself are the reason for the decline in morality. By the way Dan I was never raped! You are right about that. I was attacked by a faggot, bull queer when I was 14 years old. The outcome was not what this man expected from a boy. I never stopped kicking him in the head and neck until he was almost dead. I did not run to the police! I did not call an ambulance! He was still breathing when I walked away and never looked back.

Nuff Said

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Posted by Mr. Logic on 01/23/2015 at 12:39 AM

Re: “Why affirmative consent matters

What planet are we on? Good heavens, are people really getting this stupid that schools have to tell them how to meet and be intimate. Where are their parents? Mutual respect and just plain common decency dictate actually communicating and knowing someone prior to engaging in any act of intimacy. It is called dating and is a rather old fashioned concept. It has worked well for centuries.

It goes like this. Boy meets girl. They like each other and agree to spend time together. The girl communicates with her father that she likes a young man and would like to continue a relationship with him. Boy must meet dad so he can be intimidated before he gets permission to date his daughter. Girls dad is cleaning his 44 magnum pistol at the dinner table while he asks the boy all of the important questions about his intentions towards his daughter. Boy is scared to death and has the girl home from the date earlier than required. Girls father is patiently waiting at the front door for his daughter to get home. Father waves goodbye to the nice young man with his left hand while his right hand rests on the butt of his revolver. Now tell me do you see a school mentioned or involved in this dating ritual? Not needed! All that should be required are parents who are involved in their children's lives.

In the event that the "Baby Daddy" ( sperm donor) not be present for the raising of the young lady in question I would suggest the mom procure a large butcher knife and sharpening stone to use at the table while questioning the boy. A large bore handgun is more intimidating but the thought of an angry middle aged woman with a sharp butcher knife does send the proper message. Nuff Said

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Posted by Mr. Logic on 01/22/2015 at 12:36 PM

Re: “Translating tragedy

I agree with you Stephen, Just what is wrong in America is the mental disorder of the left wing idiots. I am surprised the trial was not held in another venue rather that that liberal septic tank, Missoula. I don't believe anyone should ever go to a country without first understanding the laws, language or culture. Just because a door is open is not an invitation to enter another's home or buildings. Just what part of this story is the truth and which is B.S. That will be for the jury to decide. After the foul lawyers in dirty black robes get finished perverting the law you are likely to get just about any result in the verdict.

Sometimes there is justice unfortunately sometimes when public opinion or some government worker is on trial the system becomes "just us"! Murdering cops run free, politicians never go to jail, but here a man who has acted according to his rights being destroyed by the public opinion of the retards on the left.

This never should have came to trial. There were no charges filed until a few gun grabbing idiots from Missoula created a big deal about nothing. I sincerely hope the jury see's through this bunch of hype and show the world that there is still some common sense in our judicial system. I would be voting on the side of the homeowner and not the intruder.

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Posted by Mr. Logic on 12/11/2014 at 4:25 PM

Re: “Snake eyes

When will you figure this out? Every piece of crap in Washington is bought and sold daily. It was simply this clowns turn to play a different card than the usual communist crap he deals out. It was a done deal and it was going to get a veto from the White House idiot anyway. Tester knew there were not enough votes!

Here is the truth of Keystone Pipeline. It is being shut down in Nebraska, the home of Warren Buffet. Warren owns the rail road bnsf and he gets to haul all of the oil on the rail. Warren gets $750,000.00 per train load to Port St. Charles, La. Warren gets less for the transport of the N.D. oil to the west coast. He alone is the greedy fool who has manipulated and most probably bribed Obama to keep the pipeline stalled.

All the while this crude oil is rolling on the ground on poorly maintained rails through communities endangering the lives of everyone near these trains. Our pipelines are filled to capacity, I know this because I haul oil from the field to rail or pipeline every night in N.D.

You will be glad to know that Warren puts much of his charitable funds towards abortion, sterilization and in general population control. You liberals should be proud of Warren!!!

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Posted by Mr. Logic on 11/29/2014 at 1:30 PM

Re: “Last defense

Dan another masterpiece? Did you laugh while you wrote this piece? It is rather refreshing to really speak what is on your heart and yet disguise the end result so the gay folk think you are on their side. Satire at it's best! I am quite sure you never smoked the white owl, or did you? Expiring minds want to know? Oh by the way there is nothing new under the sun.

Nuff Said

Posted by Mr. Logic on 11/26/2014 at 9:58 AM


Bride and Groom? How about pitcher and catcher? Do you know that everybody is laughing at your folly. Most are not fooled by this crap. If you are queer then you have some pretty deep rooted mental issues. To find some kind of acceptance for your sins and deviation you have pressed for this gay marriage. You will find that the taste of this action is not so sweet!

At least most queers are not murdering unborn children in the womb. Maybe this cloud has a silver lining after all. Carry on! That is all!

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Posted by Mr. Logic on 11/26/2014 at 9:46 AM

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