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Re: “How Chuck Tingle turned monster erotica into performance art, trolled the alt-right and made the internet great again.

Hey Purple Nurple, Derek (the reporter) here. Thanks for posting a thoughtful comment. I thought I'd add that "autistic savant" was the phrasing used by Jon Tingle in the Reddit AMA (…), so I stuck with it. Perhaps I should have put quotations around the phrase to make that clear.

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Posted by Derek Brouwer on 02/09/2017 at 1:13 PM

Re: “How Chuck Tingle turned monster erotica into performance art, trolled the alt-right and made the internet great again.

This is the best page the Indy has ever, EVER made

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Posted by google ID on 02/09/2017 at 11:21 AM

Re: “How Chuck Tingle turned monster erotica into performance art, trolled the alt-right and made the internet great again.

Yes, technically, the Sad Puppies started in 2013. But anyone who actually followed the nominations for the Hugos that far back knows they didn't leave a mark until 2015. It took GamerGate to drag it up from the basements of its proponents and into the wider realm. So, clearly someone who has a significant fear of being seen as mentally incompetent is trying to use two years of useless digital fapping as a means of discrediting someone for reporting how it ran to the eyes of anyone other than the circle jerk it started out as.

As for Chuck Tingle's "reality," a couple of things. First, "autistic savant" is an outdated term. If you take him as a living human being instead of a construct, Tingle is autistic, but insisting his ability to write and communicate with neurotypicals makes him a "savant" is rather insulting to the millions of people on the spectrum who can. Autism is so much more than the ones who get mentally overloaded so easily it's safer for them to stare at a wall and stim, as well as far beyond "Rain Man"'s very limited portrayal. I hope the author of this article can reach out to people with autism and learn more about it and them before he speaks of it again.

Second, I really don't understand the drive people have to tether Tingle to a single human being whose story can be fully verified and thrown open. Privacy means nothing anymore, obviously. I honestly don't care if Tingle is a collective of writers, a single person, or a highly developed AI. The very fact he claims what has to be the most improbable degree shy of a JD in Atlantean law should be enough of a clue that the Tingleverse is not one for the mundane realm to analyze and trap in a box. He is a rare jewel, and whoever is behind that pseudonym is worthy of being cherished, not having the curtain ripped away from them.

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Posted by Purple Nurple on 02/09/2017 at 11:19 AM

Re: “The Montana Senate's pre-emptive Sharia strike

Shared. Loved the article.

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Posted by Wyld Heart on 02/09/2017 at 10:45 AM

Re: “In response to Daines and DeVos, Missoula Rises

Well, you'll have a long wait. It'll be nearly 4 years before Daines is up, and I don't think many people are going to remember the DeVos vote or the Warren snub. But hey, maybe I'm wrong.

And I'm pretty much on the same page as you when it comes to this level of accountability. I have no intention of voting for Daines in 2020, nor do I have any intention of voting for Tester in 2018.

It's hypocritical to get all upset about Daines and the money he takes and the votes he casts but not get upset when Tester does the same thing for Big Pharma to keep our prescription drug prices high.

The truth is that if you're from a state and you go to Washington, you'll become a corrupt and reprehensible human being. Party affiliation doesn't play into it.

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 02/09/2017 at 10:41 AM

Re: “In response to Daines and DeVos, Missoula Rises

How are Democrats going to defeat Senator Daines? With the votes of Republicans like me.

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Posted by dial_oxnard58 on 02/09/2017 at 10:32 AM

Re: “Lawsuit opens a window on faith-based addiction treatment

Adult and Teen Challenge is run by wackos.

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 02/09/2017 at 9:42 AM

Re: “In response to Daines and DeVos, Missoula Rises

If Democrats couldn't defeat Daines in 2012 and 2014, how are they going to do so in 2020?

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 02/09/2017 at 9:39 AM

Re: “In response to Daines and DeVos, Missoula Rises

Answering the phones yourself is honorable. I'd love to call and talk directly to my senator. But it is no excuse for not having a system to track constituent input. If you don't even know if, when, how many, or who called you, how could you possibly be listening to their input on your decisions?? You don't keep track of constituent input??

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Posted by Alex Metcalf on 02/09/2017 at 8:34 AM

Re: “How Chuck Tingle turned monster erotica into performance art, trolled the alt-right and made the internet great again.

Since it was SP4 (Sad Puppies 4) this year, any moron would know that the Sad Puppies campaign predate GamerGate by two years.

Since I can't believe that anybody really is this stupid, I have to conclude that the author has deliberately chosen to lie to his readers instead.

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Posted by tentaclesforall on 02/09/2017 at 7:22 AM

Re: “The invisible man

Sheila. Like you have said give known heather for years and you are most defiantly telling a load of shit. Thanks for your input but you don't fucking know heather as well as you think you do. Sit down and mind your own business please

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Posted by Nikkie Upton on 02/09/2017 at 7:21 AM

Re: “Rise of randonnee

Strava weenies, get the hell out of Missoula. They're much more impressed with your KOM in Bozeman, Jackson, or Sun Valley.

Posted by wollybugger on 02/08/2017 at 9:38 PM

Re: “Commander Zinke and the great land transfer flip-flop

How is this a "Classic Strawman" argument? Zinke purports to be against federal land transfer, and last week Zinke voted to change house rules to make said land transfer easier. You either have poor comprehension skills, or you don't know wtf a strawman argument is.

Posted by Lynn Michele Wilbur on 02/07/2017 at 3:44 PM

Re: “The political appeal of going native

Anybody with an ancestor who not only lived and worked in Butte, America when Butte was Butte, if you follow me, but went to Deer Lodge for cattle rustling has my vote !

Posted by a on 02/07/2017 at 11:29 AM

Re: “FW&P killed six mountain lions in Grant Creek last month. Was that necessary?

This is the cost of living in the wildland interface. Everybody seems to want to live in the Montana woods, it's the trendy thing to do these days, anyway.

Lions are different than bears, they don't relocate or change their habits well.

The human population is growing and consuming the habitat of wild creatures.

As lions populations grow they need to find new territory, they move with their pray, young lions often get in trouble with humans as they try to find a place to set up a home range -- 7 billion people on this planet and counting -- human growth has many consequences.

People with pets and children should always have a close eye on them whether in the big city, or in or near the woods. A bump in the road is just a bump in the road to a car, and meat is meat to a lion.

We as the animals with the bigger brains should consider what our impacts are, and how we can limit them -- what kind of place we want to live in -- what kind of life we want for the generations to come, both human animals and all others.

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Posted by Joe Bear on 02/06/2017 at 3:50 PM

Re: “FW&P killed six mountain lions in Grant Creek last month. Was that necessary?

Human beings on the whole are egocentric and narcissistic. Many of us are that way individually, and this creates a cultural isomorphism. As such, we do not promote an ecosystem that recognizes ontological parity between all species. Instead, we value human beings the highest, and other living beings more lowly. This deep assumption creates laws, principles, regulations, and expectations that animals better get out of way or we will kill them. If you do the research you will see that humans have annihilated huge populations of wild animals, especially predators, in the Rocky Mountains over the past several decades. With human populations encroaching on animal habitat more every day, we will see increased conflict between humans and animals. We must look for more creative and rational solutions than the violent ones. I believe that the violent solutions most often demonstrate a lack of critical reasoning. Dr. B

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Posted by Dr. B on 02/06/2017 at 1:47 PM

Re: “With DeVos vote looming, critics call on Sen. Daines and others to recuse themselves over campaign donations

Devos' ideas are hatful to rural areas. Montana should be against her appointment.

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Posted by Donna Dziak on 02/05/2017 at 7:34 PM

Re: “Budgeting for less, UM explores buy-outs

The statement of: "UM's budget was balanced this academic year,..." is false. What happened to basic reporting? Ask any UM dean. There is a significant budget hole this year of1.8 million for academic affairs resulting in the Provost freezing all vacant positions without any strategic consideration. And millions more in deficit across the rest of campus for this fiscal year. Please investigate before regurgitating UM press releases.

Also there have been repeated statements that Engstrom got rid of 192 positions at UM last year and yet this year in the new interim president's ppt used at the mid year address (which is posted on her website) UM is listed as having more employee fte this year than last year. What the heck is going on?

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Posted by John Q Public on 02/05/2017 at 1:16 PM

Re: “What Montana stands to lose with Obamacare repeal

If you had to o pay the absurd 56% increase in premiums or be a provider who now does not get paid because who can afford to pay $6,000-$13,000 out of pocket before you have coverage?? you would actual consider the rest of us who pay for your those who get this awesome benefit. Just another give away program that the rest of us pay for. You should get your facts straight

Posted by concerned on 02/04/2017 at 5:07 PM

Re: “Denzel Washington directs August Wilson's Fences

I recently saw "Fences" and was totally shocked by the meanness of Denzel Washington's character. I like movies that aren't typical Hollywood,The but as a white woman who has not been prejudiced since the beginning of my life, I couldn't sympathize with Denzel's character. I grew up in the forties, graduated from high school in the fifties and got married in the sixties. I have had interactions with and friends who are black. When a black friend of mine and I went to see " The Color Purple", she was very upset with the scene where Whoppi Goldberg's character is raped by her stepfather. Maybe I don't want to see negative things about black people, either.

Posted by Lynne Gawlas on 02/04/2017 at 10:35 AM

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