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Re: “Playing God with time

I'm a busy man, dammit ! I don't have time to run around - twice a year, no less - changing clocks !

If people want to mess with *God's Time*, they should be prepared for the consequences : Hellfire and eternal damnation. Or just get up and go work an hour earlier.

Posted by alf on 03/16/2017 at 3:09 PM

Re: “In Billings, an armed vigilante drives hard bargain at Penney's

Your support for the Second Amendment may be laudable, but this article is complete crap!

You have the nerve to say "Newman is a trained and responsible gun owner. As such, he did not shoot any bystanders while deploying deadly force" -- which is apparently where you set the bar for considering a gun waving lunatic a "trained and responsible gun owner." Shortly after that you refer to his "judgement" as "impecible" clearly demonstrating that you do not understand the meaning of one or both those words.

His actions were legal (up until the last few shots) but his judgement was incredibly flawed and regardless of the police giving him a free pass, the video of the event clearly shows that at least his last two shots were both irresponsible and illegal. It is pure luck that he didn't "shoot any bystanders". Random wild shots into a public area with no concern for where his rounds were going is not the action of "a trained and responsible gun owner" -- if the police had reviewed the video, he would probably have been arrested. Certainly once the video became available he should have been charged with mutliple counts of Wanton Endangerment.

If you consider this an example of "a trained and responsible gun owner" demonstrating "impecible" judgement, then I have to seriously question your judgement, training, and responsibility.

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Posted by Tom Currie on 03/16/2017 at 2:24 PM

Re: “Outside groups target Tester

The Democrats haven't been this angry since the Republicans got rid of Slavery

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Posted by jr2jr2000 on 03/16/2017 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Etc.

The Democrats haven't been this angry since the Republicans got rid of Slavery.

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Posted by jr2jr2000 on 03/16/2017 at 1:46 PM

Re: “The University of Montana faces "breathtaking" challenges in attempts to right the ship

It seems like yesterday when the mayor, the President of the UofM, and a county commissioner were giving the a talk at the UofM about how Missoula was doing so well. It also seems like yesterday when anyone who questioned the why of higher salaries got shut down and got responses that seemed to say you had to overpay to get good candidates whether it was high school superintendents or university administrators. Karma arrived. The people in power in Missoula who had such pat answers now have to wear them in all their awfulness. They still have not learned but it is taxpayers that pay for their mistakes. Lets build another high rise and make another one either a bank, an new school, or a new place for the dwindling number of UofM students to reside.

Posted by Glen B. on 03/16/2017 at 12:42 PM

Re: “Board of Missoula returns to its roots

Wright Hollingsworth called to congratulate Chris from where I live now, Norway, not the Netherlands.

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Posted by Wright Hollingsworth on 03/16/2017 at 12:33 PM

Re: “Etc.

Do it with Trump, Missoulians love ya. Do the same style of dig-up-the-dirt-on-'em reporting work here in Montana about local politicians and they hate ya.

Go figure.

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 03/16/2017 at 10:23 AM

Re: “Outside groups target Tester

I've received 3 pro-Gorsuch/anti-Tester letters in the mail so far. Two of them were survey-style letters, pushed by religious groups like Catholics Vote and such.

I enjoyed filling those surveys out, knowing that if the organizations are honorable my survey will skew their results.

For instance, I don't really care about this Supreme Court pick. When they ask what is important, I say judges that will legalize marijuana. When they ask about abortion, I say the law is pretty much fine the way it is. When they ask for money, I tell them to go jump in the lake.

I was happy to put a stamp on those and get them in. I hope the organizations enjoy 'em.

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 03/16/2017 at 10:21 AM

Re: “With its first convention in 10 years, Montana's Green Party gets set to take another swing

Greg -- I have no intention on running for the US House seat. The article clearly states that I plan a 2018 midterm campaign for the state legislature, as you so kindly suggested. To throw a third party under the bus for not falling in line with the bipartisan status quo is only contributing to the cycle that we've found ourselves in since the early 2000's, and I'm thankful to see a group of Montanans with a genuine concern for the affairs of their state that are willing to congregate to bring positive change to our state legislature.

Posted by Jordan Roether on 03/13/2017 at 12:15 PM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

Niam, I would concur with much of what you said, EXCEPT. . . Minimum wage jobs used to be for students and first-timers looking for work "experience." Now, there are many older, experienced workers taking these jobs after being laid off by greedy corporations moving to Mexico and China so they can abuse workers there and pay them even less. It's unconscionable that corps making millions/billions W/ CEOs making millions (and often paying little to no taxes) refuse to pay their workers (who actually make the money for them) a decent wage. Instead of unnecessary tax breaks for wealthy corporations, why not larger breaks only for small - medium companies in exchange for higher pay for their employees? And we need single payer medical care (get rid of insurers and stop requiring businesses to be involved in health insurance). This would help everybody - except insurance companies, who have screwed up everything. Yay! BTW, if I understood correctly, it sounds like you bought your home in Missoula a while back. Good thing, because middle class folks have been pretty much priced out of the market there. Might explain the companies coming in and building so many apartments.

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Posted by ol' az hippie chick on 03/11/2017 at 5:43 PM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

ol' az hippie chick LOL Glad to meet you. 1965 and I just graduated from a Bx NY HS. At that time the two best jobs available in NY were NY Telephone and Con Edison. Ma Bell hired me as a Customers Service Representative in the Commercial Department. Starting pay was about $2.15 an hour for a 35 hr week, plus benefits. It was also a UNION JOB. Our union was UTW, United Telephone Workers. We called it a "company union". Union dues, $1 weekly, were automatically deducted whether or not we were members. After about 9 years I "joined" the Union, became a union steward and then ran for and elected secretary of UTW. I had big plans of running for UTW president with hopes of changing the "useless" company puppet union. Then in 1981, I transferred to Southwestern Bell in Missoula. Got a decrease in wages to about $10+. Not even here for a year, when I found out the Missoula office was closing and eventually the Helena office. All MT commercial service offices were to relocate to Denver. Not one to relocate so easily, especially after the big move from my birth state and only home NY to MT, I opted to terminate. Applying for work, I thought asking for $5 an hour was generous on my part. Stupid me when I was ignored for any job I applied to related to customer service or collections for which I had 11years experience. After my unemployment payments ran out ( more than what was offered by the local job employers) I finally got a job, through a friend, for $2.75 an hour. After 11years, when I left that "job" I was making $5 an hour. Why did I stay so long? Because I had kids and a home I managed to buy to pay off. I didn't cry and demand a "livable wage". I left and looked for the opportunity to make more money and improve my life.

I could go on but I just wanted to let you know that our employment history, yours and mine kind of started on the same foot. As far as "What's a living wage, really?" Why not $75? $100 ? More?

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Posted by niam on 03/11/2017 at 12:36 PM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

"I believe it is set up this way to keep the middle-class, the middle class."

Reminds me of what Jim Morrison said in that Doors song:

"They've got the guns, but we've got the numbers."

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 03/11/2017 at 9:43 AM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

Sometimes I think the "living-wage" is a number that really means "just enough to survive, without any form of leisure time or vacation from work". Noone making $14.00 an hour is taking too many vacations because they can't afford it. People are forced to work thru vacation time to pay bills. They have to pick and choose between food or another necessity. They can't take a few days off work or the power gets turned off. I believe it is set up this way to keep the middle-class, the middle class. They make up the grandest share of taxpayers and the govt. loves getting money, so the best way to keep the dough rolling in is to keep people at work. Plus, anytime wages get increased, the tax depts. increase the taxes and prices on everything go up. A living wage is meant to keep you alive enough to pay the govt. tons of money before you are too old to work or pass away. They do not care whether your existence was fulfilling or pleasurable. They just want their pedestrian bridges and convention centers.

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Posted by A.J. LaBrosse on 03/11/2017 at 4:25 AM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

Niam - 1967 and I had just graduated from high school, working 30 hours/week, evening shift as an operator at Ma Bell, the ONLY phone company back then! I had benefits, too. UNION JOB. Communication Workers of America. It was a really good job for a woman back then, and they were just starting to train women to be linesmen and "frame dames." (There was one McDonald's in a nearby larger town, but they wouldn't hire girls/women - only younger guys, "because they need money to take girls out on dates" is what I was told when I applied there in high school. Sheesh. I don't believe there are any comparable jobs to phone operator these days - everything's automated. Your comment about inflation is exactly the point (altho housing and car increases have surpassed inflation rates). SO why haven't wages even kept up with inflation? AT&T job was in Chicago. Now retired in Tucson area. No unions. Construction jobs pay anywhere from minimum wage to $12 - 15 / hour. NO UNIONS. Housing is somewhat affordable, low taxes, but still difficult for minimum wage earners.

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Posted by ol' az hippie chick on 03/10/2017 at 6:02 PM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

Way back then you made $4 an hour? And if you're not retired, how much do you now make per hour? How much per hour do the construction workers make now to build those same houses built way back then? I think it's called inflation. And even though most of what we now purchase are the same products we purchased years ago, the cost of labor and govt regs, fees, licenses, insurance etc have contributed to "high costs" .

Posted by niam on 03/10/2017 at 11:01 AM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

Very good points on that last comment. And let's not forget our poor university employees - not the cream at the top, of course - but the people doing the actual work up there.

All of them have their pay set by the legislature, and good luck getting that to go up. Maybe once every two years, if that. Shame that the union can't do more to get those wages up.

At least they have healthcare, something else most hourly Missoula workers can only dream for. It sure ain't comin' from most employers in town, we all know that.

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 03/09/2017 at 6:28 PM

Re: “What's a living wage, really?

Yeah, Jayne, because it's so easy to just "get" another job in a town filled with service jobs and thousands of students willing to do them to help pay for their books. (Don't get mad - I'm well aware many students are struggling, too, because of tuitions geared only to the wealthy.) When I was newly married, a new VW Beetle cost $1650, and we bought a 3 bdrm house for $18,000. I made $4 / hour at a part-time job and my husband a bit more as an apprentice carpenter. Now houses and cars are more than ten times more (and mostly lots more) than when I was young, but minimum wage isn't even double. Just doesn't add up.

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Posted by ol' az hippie chick on 03/09/2017 at 6:22 PM

Re: “The University of Montana faces "breathtaking" challenges in attempts to right the ship

It's not my internet, it's just censorship. The Missoulian had the article up on their Facebook page, they got some comments, they took it down. They removed comments from their site this week as well. They just don't want questioning voices.

I'm glad the article is up now. the U still cancelling the International Food Festival or what? Sounds like they are, though the reasons are hard to find in that article.

Staff cuts seem to be an issue, but if we want to be smart we can trace that right back to the budget woes. That of course comes from the terribly low enrollment. And I believe the enrollment issue is stemming from the U's problems with rape and alcohol.

It'll take awhile to erase those issues from people's memories. Until then, wow, MSU is just booming!

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 03/09/2017 at 6:16 PM

Re: “The University of Montana faces "breathtaking" challenges in attempts to right the ship

Greg, perhaps there was a temporary glitch in your Internet access?
The Missoulian article on the International Food and Culture festival is on their website. I read it Tuesday night and again Thursday evening:…

Posted by Kathleen Kimble on 03/09/2017 at 5:49 PM

Re: “The University of Montana faces "breathtaking" challenges in attempts to right the ship

Lots of people were having problems accessing the Food Festival article from the Missouulian's Facebook post yesterday. I seen now that the Facebook post on the subject has been removed, so I dunno.

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 03/09/2017 at 5:49 PM

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