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Re: “Regents approve $70K signing bonus for UM vice president

Hey kinney...I realize as a MSU Alum it is difficult being able to find your fanny with both hands ..."Engtsrom is a great guy and is paying for Dennison"s mismanagement" ...what in the heck are you smoking I need get me some of that. Engstrom has been in charge 6 years now and it has been a disaster---- stop with the blaming everybody else when does Engstrom take responsibility after he has been here ten years???

For crying out loud give us all a break.

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Posted by sal on 07/21/2016 at 8:15 AM

Re: “Regents approve $70K signing bonus for UM vice president

So.....cutting Jobs...cutting funding to various departments, cutting staff/hours and the like at the library....

Where the hell did they find the money for this little operation? If Engstrom is sharing his own over-inflated salary, I would support this...

But we all know he isn't. Is this where our Alumni "gifts" go? To finance another person who will not do a job, be a drain of financial resources, and end up failing?

Does the University, and the regents and such on the board, realize that CUTTING teachers, resources, funding for research and on campus facilities, actually detracts from any desire of prospective students to come here? Do they think that prospective students will read this and the other shenanigans that has plagued this school and say "Yes, i want to give them lots of money?"


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Posted by Morgan Kinney on 07/19/2016 at 9:14 PM

Re: “Regents approve $70K signing bonus for UM vice president

As an MSU alum I have more than enough competitive spirit to shriek with joy at anything MSU might do better than UM. That being said I just recently left a job where I worked with several hundred colleges and universities throughout the country including semi annual trips to UM over the entirety of the Engstrom Presidency and several years of Dennison. Dennison was a great guy but stayed way too long and in the end gave too much unchecked autonomy to too many. I saw UM as a speeding coaster on loose rails and it went off with all the publicity around the legally exonerated Jordan Johnson. He may be innocent in the eyes of the law and actually innocent but the manner in which the Dennison admin swept stuff under the rug with his and other cases, ignored it or worse yet didn't know it was happening has put UM into a tailspin it may not recover from. The downward trend in the pursuit of Liberal Arts degrees at a school that yes has STEM majors but isn't known for them hasn't helped. Any father with a daughter (and maybe even a son) google's UM and that Krakouer book is going to be on page one for some time even though assault is horrifically rampant on too many campuses. This was a necessary risk, at the right time to attract the best possible candidate. Engstrom is a great guy, a great leader that was handed a collapsing ivory tower of cards. The alternative theories of pay after performance are the reasons you get middle or lower tier candidates in job searches. Crady may fail, but so could anyone in this position. UM is a challenge for the next enrollment executive. He is taking a risk taking this job. A bigger one than at any similar institution. They had to invest and invest big in this position. We are at a precipice in higher ed of a bubble. Under utilized two years, ballooning 4 years and a demand for more for less will see hundreds of institutions, a smaller percentage state run, shut down in the coming decade. MSU's growth is phenomenal and against the trend and UM has a lot to offer, I've met a lot of college presidents and Engstrom is the right guy he's just swimming up a swift current and paying the price for years of neglect. I hate saying that as well because personally Dennison was a great guy as well but he stayed about 5 years too long.

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Posted by Tony Cerise on 07/19/2016 at 7:33 PM

Re: “A worthy investment

Facade -- you can put all the makeup you wish on that pig (giant tourist warehouse w/kitchenettes), it'll still be a pig!

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Posted by Joe Bear on 07/17/2016 at 7:43 PM

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