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Re: “Postal service


DMM 508.3.1.2 states;

Door slots and nonlockable bins or troughs used with apartment house mailboxes are not letterboxes within the meaning of 18 USC 1725 and are not private mail receptacles for the standards for mailable matter not bearing postage found in or on private mail receptacles. The post or other support is not part of the receptacle.

Also, I failed to find any reference to a 15 foot "zone" leading to and exiting from a mailbox. There is a section that states that the area around the delivery point should be such so that the carrier is not impeded from mak9ng the delivery, but there is no specific distance stated.

I've got 32 years of service with 20 in Business Mail Entry and Mail Classification. I am sure that you know that these activities involve a lot of DMM research and interpretation. Only mentioning it so that you don't think I am just some nut, shooting off my mputh without knowing what I am talking about.

ol az hippie chick, You erect a mail receptacle with the sole intention of receiving US Mail. The USPS retains exclusive right to access that mailbox and excludes any others from doing so. Yes, you bought the box, yes, you set it up and, yes it is on your property. However, it is for your convenience to have a mailbox at your residence so you do all of that to make it happen.

The simple act of erecting a mail receptacle constitutes your acceptance of USPS and USC rules and regulations regarding its use.

Posted by RandyF on 07/23/2016 at 4:01 PM

Re: “Postal service

Also.....the law use to be the post office only owned the air space in the mailbox. However, somewhere around the late 80s to early 90's it was changed to include around the box, flag and post. Including 15 feet in front of and 15 feet past the mailbox for vehicle usage. It was when the first larger postal vehicles (LLV) were made to replace the old jeeps. Of course it isn't very specific since some mailboxes don't have 15 feet in front or after due to the location of the mailbox. It is rather vague but since most people understand mailboxes are for postal use, they abide. It's the few butt holes that always want to challenge it. If someone puts a flyer on my mailbox, I would be tempted to call the police to report a break in and take them to small claims court.....I could use a new wide screen tv.

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Posted by Bluemtwolf on 07/23/2016 at 3:34 PM

Re: “Postal service

Btw.....the box set postal property. Technically they own the airspace in and around the box, flag and post. I've been removing layers for thirty years. Everyone. At our station, we give three to the supervisor and trash the rest as non obvious value since there is no postage on them. The supervisor is suppose to send one to the local police to report temporary tampering of the mailbox. One to the EED department who Calls the vender to offer them a time saving cheaper alternative called every door direct where the post office will deliver the flyers for them without expensive adverstisement requirements or bulk rate permit expense.....and the third to the postal inspections department that is suppose to keep track on repeat offenders. We had two cases in our zone where a lawn care service and a local restaurant repetatly ignored postal inspections warnings about putting flyers on the mailbox. The lawn care service went to court and lost and had to pay a $5000 fine to the postal service. The restaurant stop and agreed not to do it again to avoid the $5000 fine.

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Posted by Bluemtwolf on 07/23/2016 at 3:26 PM

Re: “Postal service

Well....we had a lawyer go on vacation once. Had the postal service hold his mail. A lawn care service put a flyer on his mailbox that the carrier didn't remove. It was on his box for sometime while he was on vacation. Some high school kids saw the flyer on his box and determined since it was there for days, he was gone. So they broke into his home and had a school party. Broke the up stairs bathroom and flooded the place. Causing eighty thousand dollars in damages. When the lawyer got home. He called the police who did a search of the home and found a cell phone in the upstairs master bedroom along with some used condoms in the bed. They traced the phone back to the high school kid who told the cops what happen. So they found the flyer and sued the four kids that organized the party and the lawn care provider for placing the flyer in the mailbox. The lawyer sued The five of them and won. They had to pay for the $80,000 dollar repairs plus the room, board and travel expenses of the lawyer while his home was being repaired. The lawyer now sends letters to homes that are broken into telling the residents if there's a flyer on the mailbox, the vendor will have to pay for everything that was stolen.....and the lawyer is winning. So good luck to this guy.

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Posted by Bluemtwolf on 07/23/2016 at 3:16 PM

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