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Re: “Unconventional times

"Vote Drumpf - at least you won't be lied to."

While not a perfect organization, Politifact would vehemently disagree.

And his numbers there are fare worse when compared with Hillary.

What say you, truth works?

Posted by SPQR on 07/29/2016 at 7:37 PM

Re: “Unconventional times

Please list all of Hillary's accomplishments, with verifiable links, to support your claim. And please include the Clinton Foundation that for some reason wasn't mentioned once during the DNC.

Posted by niam on 07/29/2016 at 3:55 PM

Re: “Unconventional times

After a long life spent as an Independent/Socialist, Bernie became a Democrat one year ago for the sole purpose of running for president. He already had everything he needed to run a brilliant third-party campaign, but he opted for two-party politics and he lost. Because of his efforts, the Dems are more progressive on a handful of policy ideas and that's great. His followers should be proud. But booing the nominee after the fact or running off to a third party at this late stage serves no one but Trump and smacks of the same kind nihilistic permanent-protest mode of the Tea Party.

The DNC had their favorite because their favorite had been sheparding the party for decades. They didn't thumb the scale or stuff the ballot. They bitched to each other in private about an insurgent candidate. That's not corruption; it's a political law of gravity. I'm not being cynical to say so and you're not naive to want a more progressive left.

Strong and dynamic parties resist or absorb insurgencies. Weak and brittle parties are prey to them. That's why Sanders left a mark but Trump burnt the place down. I'm not sure parties are really good for anything except providing a shortcut to take over a democracy. But I do know Hillary Clinton remains the best candidate to lead the planet. And this is just as true now as it was when there were 487 people running.

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Posted by Karl Miller on 07/29/2016 at 2:40 PM

Re: “Unconventional times

At least Trump admits who he is and thats a great start because we've got zero honesty now.

Anyone thinking straight and living in reality would rather support truth over lies. Unless of course they're a liar themselves.

Has anyone ever known anyone that lied to their face? sugar coated everything only to find out later on they actually thought differently? thats a two faced person a liar that cannot be trusted.

Has anyone ever asked someone if they looked good and everyone tells them they look great? when they didn't? Anyone that wants an honest relationship and one that you feel safe in because they tell it to you like it is will know that the best friend for life will be the one that says no you look bad in that outfit you should change because thats real and real is genuine.

Not rocket science but now we have been groomed and coached to live in a world when someone tells it like it is and says brash statements that hurt your feelings when they are true of course goes under appreciated.

This is systemic - why so many complain in divorce court saying I never knew you felt this way? the partner responds - well its because you always flipped out when I told you so I just decided to not say anything or lie so we didn't fight. Our country is in divorce court at the highest levels of our government against the people. You wonder why we're all afraid of our government. Thinking they're up to no good. Its simply because people choose to be lied too instead of the truth. Why is that because people cannot handle the truth. We did it to ourselves.

Vote Trump - at least you won't be lied too. Maybe it will give everyone a chance to grow up and learn that truth may hurt sometimes but in the long run its healthier for everyone.

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Posted by truth works on 07/29/2016 at 10:45 AM

Re: “Unconventional times

FACTS: Democrats supported and pushed for a bill that stops americans from filing a lawsuit against Monsanto. Democrats supported and pushed for a bill to allow fracking.

Monsanto? Fracking? they've got some large set to point their fingers at republicans and or even say they're any better or different.

Any bleeding heart granola eating Missoulian preaching about organic and environment that votes for a democrat is a fraud.

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Posted by fraud on 07/29/2016 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Unconventional times

This Bernie supporter will be voting for Trump.

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Posted by Greg Strandberg on 07/28/2016 at 11:29 PM

Re: “Unconventional times

Now that Madame Clinton has been officially coronated, it boggles my mind that with the U.S.'s population being something on the order of 320-330 million people, the "best" (?) presidential candidates the two major political parties could come up with are Il Duce Trumpolini and Lady McDeath.

It's my considered opinion (and there's plenty of evidence to support it) that both are cynical and hypocritical, avaricious and rapacious. Both have monumental egos; they're both absolutely amoral, and both are serial, pathological liars. They're sleazy and untrustworthy. In short -- with apologies to all things that slither, creep and crawl -- I consider them both contemptible, reprehensible reptiles. Those are just a few of their more obvious defects. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. But in today's world, I think those may very well be requisites for anyone who hopes to hold high office, public or private.

Maybe the nomination of these two unworthies and the processes by which they got to where they are says something deeper and darker, not only about our broken and failed political system, but about our country as a whole.

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Posted by alf on 07/28/2016 at 2:35 PM

Re: “Unconventional times

BTW here's a more direct link to the movie. Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere - YouTube…

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Posted by niam on 07/28/2016 at 1:35 PM

Re: “Unconventional times

Thanks for the Clinton Cash link. As a Libertarian I do vote for who ever supports less govt and stands by our Constitutionally protected rights. In other words anyone who keeps their nose out of my life and their hands out of my pockets! Right now there's no one who comes close, Gary Johnson included. Hitlery is definitely out! PERIOD. Hitlery. an elected official who did nothing, was in bed with one and appointed by and endorsed by another lying despot and has a questionable foundation I'd be brain dead to vote for her!

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Posted by niam on 07/28/2016 at 1:33 PM

Re: “Unconventional times

Who could dream up 2 worse candidates then these two? Take an hour to watch this documentary "Clinton Cash" . On one hand we have the most corrupt and dishonest candidate in modern history, and on the other hand we have foot in the mouth Trump. Link is below.

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Posted by jr2jr2000 on 07/28/2016 at 12:24 PM

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