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Re: “"I'll fucking cut you." Behind the scenes of the 1491s' segment on "The Daily Show"

To the people who have a question about the black guy on the panel: He was not experiencing white privilege. He was experiencing black privilege in that he's the one who got to argue the mascot defense openly. Remember the line, "But then, one of the pro-mascot fellas started to defend their position, and everything derailed."
That was the black dude. He blindsided the show's intent by being the only one privileged enough to able to openly argue about the use of the mascot without being horrified by the fact that his ancestry destroyed indigenous culture. Because, it didn't. Or hell, I wouldn't put it past Jones to throw a curve ball at the activists. He's a really intelligent guy.

It's white privilege to be able to derail an open discussion with hysteria such as the case with O'Dell. It's white privilege to be able to claim that you were intimidated by a group of minorities because you had to answer for yourself (mere moments after saying you'd be glad to answer for yourself). It's white privilege to be able to threaten, intimidate or otherwise mock anyone who makes whites feel the slightest bit uncomfortable about being in control of everything. And, hey, no one is saying you didn't earn that privilege.

Race/Ethnic Makeup: The U.S. population includes 12 percent African Americans, 9 percent Hispanics, and 3 percent Asian/Pacific Islanders and other groups. Congress, however, is 87 percent white; 85 percent in the House and 96 percent in the Senate.

You've even got half the President. The good half, I might add. If I were to quote Bill O'Reilly I'd say, "...don't call it white privilege, call it a factor"

Posted by TheFactor on 11/25/2014 at 7:49 AM

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