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Re: “Biking Bad

"I cut down many of the trees on Meow Mix in 2005, something for which I still feel ashamed, but what was I suppossed to do, quit my trails job. I fully agree with Mr. Power that any ecological damage caused by the original Meow Mix trail is dwarfed by the impacts from the Lolo N.F.' efforts to close the trail. "
Don't be ashamed. All one has to do is open a sattelite view on Google Maps and there are much greater damages being inflicted by others who simply have deep pockets. This dialogue has made me grow quite weary. I'm from missoula and my Dad and brothers rode the rattlesnake every day on their dirt bikes without issue. Seriously people there are millions of acres of forested land and a trail affects such a small percentage that I give serious kudos to those who are willing to break their back creating new trails. This new mentality that we were never supposed to use the land that is available to us, but rather leave it to timber companies and mining operations to rape and pillage drives me crazy. Stop hugging trees and use them. Stop tearing up artwork that many man hours went into creating and use your resources to plan more recreational opportunities.

Posted by Born and Raised on 05/04/2015 at 6:56 PM

Re: “Missoula and beer: A history

Hello: It was great news to hear that "Highlander" was back and has been back for some time. Happened to thing about it his afternoon and went to the "web". Grew up in Polson. As a teenager in the early to mid 50's Highlander was "The Beer". It was in the bottle and not the can. Remember quite a few nights at Turtle Lake with classmates and Highlander. One beer that became somewhat popular was Coors - out of Denver (i think).
Hope to come back to Montana, living in Thailand at this time, and have a "Highlander" in the bottle.

Thanks for a great story.


Posted by bob on 04/11/2015 at 5:27 AM

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