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How alternative media covered the Tucson shooting

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George Ochenski wrote about the assassination attempt on U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in this week's column, and almost every news outlet in the country has touched on the subject. But if you're interested in reading more from Tucson proper, check out the work done on the scene by Tucson Weekly.

The alternative paper covered the tragedy from every conceivable angle—and continues to do so online. There's a newsy recap, reactions and remembrances, more reaction and reverberations, a look at Jared Loughner and the context of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's remarks. The paper's blog continues to provide updates.

In an interview with the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Tucson Weekly editor Jimmy Boegle explained how the paper provided its coverage, particularly in the hours before cable news channels and the local daily jumped in.

The paper's first announcement went out on its Facebook and Twitter accounts at 11:32 a.m., "Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Tucson this morning," which linked to its blog, Daily Dispatch. Boegle and staff decided to keep updating that initial blog post throughout the day, rather than create separate posts for each new bit of information. That proved useful when others retweeted that first status update or shared the link hours later.

Boegle says a full three hours passed before Tucson's Daily Star carried any coverage about the shooting on its website. He adds the paper's coverage since then has been outstanding.

In the end, he says it was "the four most emotionally draining days of my journalism career." He also added this defense of his hometown:

"Everyone has this perception that Arizona must be a really terrible place, and that offends me. Look, SB 1070 is a disgrace and we came out against it from the start. But Tucson is a great place, just because some fuckhead committed this horrible crime, it doesn't change that. I mean look at all the great stories that are coming out, people like Daniel Hernandez. That's what we're about. Anyone who dares to bash Tucson has to answer to me."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your future, a little early

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Find Rob Brezsny's "Free Will Astrology" online, every Wednesday, one day before it hits the Indy's printed pages.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): What empire are you building, Aries? What master plan are you in the midst of carrying out? As you gaze out upon your realm, are you content with the way it’s evolving? Judging from the current astrological omens, I’d say it’s an excellent time to ponder questions like those. And if your inventory reveals that you’re missing some pieces of the big picture’s puzzle, I suggest you set out on a quest to locate them.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ski area tragedies continue

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In last week's issue of the Independent, we expressed our concerns for the safety of our fellow snowsports enthusiasts following a string of on-area ski fatalities. Each story came as a cautionary tale for the potential dangers we face both inside and outside the ski area boundaries. But the season had more tragedy in store for us this past weekend, with two deaths on the slopes at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

The Flathead Beacon reports that a 29-year-old probation and parole officer from Kalispell was found buried in a tree well Saturday evening after friends reported him missing in an off-piste portion of the mountain off the T-Bar 2 lift. Emergency responders attempted to resuscitate the snowboarder, but he was later pronounced dead at the Kalispell Regional Medical Center. Also at Whitefish on Saturday, a 68-year-old man reportedly suffered a heart attack in the middle of a ski run and was pronounced dead at Whitefish's North Valley Hospital.

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Extra, extra: In Other News, online

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In this week's installment: a firebomb backfires, eating the evidence, and the end of regifting.

Curses, Foiled Again
Police responding to a break-in at a home in Campbell, Ohio, found Todd J. Moffie, 34, stuck between two steps on the basement stairs. Detective Sgt. John Rusnak said he doesn’t know why Moffie tried to crawl through the narrow opening since there was plenty of room to walk around the stairs. (Youngstown’s The Vindicator)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Happiest Hour: Double Front Café Lounge

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It's a rainy, but warm-ish Friday evening—perfect weather for a drink downtown with some homies. Is that fried chicken we smell in the air? For this week's Happiest Hour we go underground and out of the rain for greasy food and a practical drink at the Double Front Café Lounge.

Atmosphere: The basement lounge beneath the Double Front Café is like a cozy, dimly lit clubhouse that smells of fried food. What could be better? Regular cribbage players battle it out on bar stools as country and classic rock filters from the jukebox.


Who’s pouring your drinks: Thor Morten is the feisty bartender who knows your name. He’s a quick draw when it comes to pouring drinks, and he always has a friendly smile and a twinkle in his eye when he’s slinging out the sass, too.

What you’re drinking: Happy Hour at the lounge hits between 3 and 6 PM each day with $1 off pitchers and 50 cents of draft beer and well drinks. There’s usually a bartender’s special, as well. Get there earlier enough and Thor might let you pick it.

What you’re eating: You can’t resist the fried chicken. (A regular dinner is two breast and two wings for $8.50) And if you’re smart you’ll pair it with a pint of red beer—light beer and either clamato or tomato juice—to help digest all the grease. Plus, it’s cool because the chicken arrives via a dumbwaiter from the kitchen upstairs.

When to go: Anytime you need to go underground. Or, when it's your birthday since you can get a chicken dinner for free. Yes. Free.

How to find the lounge: It’s “double front” so you can enter through the door at 122 W. Alder and head downstairs, or make you’re way through the Railroad St. entrance near train tracks.

Happiest Hour celebrates western Montana watering holes. To recommend a bar, bartender or beverage for Happiest Hour, e-mail

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Montana native snags "Extreme Huntress" title

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Montana native Angie Haas-Tennison, who the Indy profiled in November, found out Sunday that she snagged the title of the nation’s “Extreme Huntress.”

“I’m as diehard as any woman out there,” she told the Indy in November. “And I'm willing to bet on it.”

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Your future, a little early

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Find Rob Brezsny's "Free Will Astrology" online, every Wednesday, one day before it hits the Indy's printed pages.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): “A man may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve,” mused 19th-century author Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Advice that wild could just as well have been dispensed by a feral saint living in a cave in the woods. And now I’m passing it on to you, Aries, just in time for the beginning of what may be your wildest year in a decade. In my astrological opinion, you are ready to be a connoisseur of mysteries that purify the mind and nurture the soul…a daredevil of the spirit in quest of seemingly impossible dreams…a fierce adept of the wisdom of uncertainty who’s in love with unpredictable teachings.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Extra, extra: In Other News, online

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In this week's installment: Self-stabbing, birth control for wild turkeys, and saving money with shorter socks.

Curses, Foiled Again
Shortly after receiving a call about a robbery, Ottawa police said they got a second call reporting a stabbing. Responding officers found a man in his 20s outside a store that they suspect he robbed before tripping on his way out and stabbing himself with the knife used in the robbery. (CBC News)

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